Part # 74LCX32244 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: 74LCX32244 Low Voltage 32-Bit Buffer Line Driver with 5V Tolerant Inputs and Outputs

Part Details:

74LCX32244 April 2001 Revised June 2002 74LCX32244 Low Low Voltage 32-Bit Buffer/Line Driver V with 5V Tolerant Inputs and Outputs oltage General Description Features The LCX32244 contains thirty-two non-inverting buffers s 5V tolerant inputs and outputs 32-Bi with 3-STATE outputs designed to be employed as a mem- s 2.3V­3.6V VCC specifications provided ory and address driver, clock driver, or bus oriented trans- s mitter/receiver. The device is nibble controlled. Each nibble 4.5 ns tPD max (VCC = 3.0V), 20 µA ICC max t has separate 3-STATE control inputs which can be shorted s Power down high impedance inputs and outputs Buff together for full 32-bit operation. s Supports live insertion/withdrawal (Note 1) The LCX32244 is designed for low voltage (2.5V or 3.3V) s ±24 mA output drive (VCC = 3.0V) er/ VCC applications with capability of interfacing to a 5V signal s Uses patented noise/EMI reduction circuitry environment. L s Latch-up performance exceeds 500 mA ine The LCX32244 is fabricated with an advanced CMOS tech-nology to achieve high speed operation while maintaining s ESD performance: Dri CMOS low power dissipation. Human body model > 2000VMachine model > 200V ver s Packaged in plastic Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) Note 1: To ensure the high-impedance state during power up or down OE wit should be tied to VCC through a pull-up resistor: the minimum value or theresistor is determined by the current-sourcing capability of the driver. h 5V T Ordering Code: ol Order Number Package Number Package Description erant 74LCX32244G

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