Part # MAX8608Y datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX8608Y DS

Part Details:

19-3881; Rev 0; 10/05 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE High-Efficiency, 26V Step-Up Converters for Main and Subdisplays Using OLEDs and/or White LEDs MAX8608Y/MAX8608Z General Description Features The MAX8608Y/MAX8608Z dual LED drivers use a sin- For Dual Displays gle inductor to provide two outputs for either organic OLED + OLED LED (OLED) power or white LED (WLED) drive in dual- White LED + OLED display cell phones. Each output can be configured for White LED + White LED either voltage regulation (adjustable up to 26V) for OLEDor current regulation (adjustable up to 40mA) for WLED. Two Outputs Share One Inductor and One Schottky Diode The topology integrates a single 1MHz/500kHz PWMstep-up converter and two output load switches to mini- Output True Shutdown mize size and external components and maximize effi- Over 83% Efficiency at 13V to 20V/10mA to 20mA ciency. Each output (OUTA, OUTB) is enabled by Up to 900mW Output Power individual logic inputs for simplicity; however, if ENA ishigh, ENB is overridden and OUTB becomes disabled. Flexible Analog or PWM Dimming Control A single CTRL input accepts either an analog or direct- Selectable 1MHz or 500kHz PWM Operation PWM dimming signal for proportional control of the out- Temperature Derating (MAX8608Y) put voltage or current. Internal lowpass filtering Small, Low-Profile External Components eliminates the need for any external filters at CTRLwhile maintaining low input and output ripple under all 26V Output Overvoltage Protection conditions. Optimized for Low Input/Output Ripple The MAX8608Y features a TA derating function to avoid Soft-Start Eliminates Inrush Current overdriving the LEDs during high ambient tempera-tures, enabling higher drive current below +40°C. Other Ordering Information features shared by both devices include soft-start, out-put overvoltage protection, output overcurrent/short-cir- TOP PKG PART PIN-PACKAGE cuit protection, output True ShutdownTM, and thermal MARK CODE shutdown. 14 TDFN 3mm x 3mm The MAX8608Y/MAX8608Z are available in a space- MAX8608YETD+ ANN T1433-1

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