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Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


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STV9212 ® Video Processor for CRT Monitors with PictureBooSTTM Main Features s General q I²C-Bus Controlled q Supports AC- and DC-coupled applications q 5V to 8V Power Supply q Matches to virtually any video amplifier DIP24S:(Plastic Package) s PictureBooSTTM q PictureBooSTTM insertion input ORDER CODE: STV9212 q Full-screen PictureBooSTTM via I²C-bus q Context-sensitive Picture Enhancement General Description s Video Clamping The STV9212 is an I²C-bus controlled color video q Input and Output Video Clamp processor designed for standard CRT monitor q Sync Pulse Polarity Auto-rectification applications. It can drive systems where cathodes are either AC- or DC-coupled to the amplifier q Clamp Pulse Generation timed either by sync or video blanking pulse outputs. The three video channels provide contrast and white balance separate gain adjustments as s Video Processing well as one-per-channel DC cut-off control and q Contrast Adjustment with excellent channel common DC offset control functions. On top of matching these usual controls, it features context-sensitive picture enhancement circuitry to support the q Gain stages for control of white PictureBooSTTM function that enhances the q Two DC-mode cut-off ranges appearance of still pictures and moving video. q Output DC offset control In AC coupling applications, the device can pilot q Automatic Beam Limiter (ABL) three cathode DC restore channels dedicated to set CRT cut-off bias voltages and to control brightness q Video Insertion Pulse (VIP), 2 levels through cathodes. q Amplifier Control (Blanking and Stand-by) The RGB video outputs have a class A architecture s OSD Insertion with Contrast Control and directly drive the amplifier channels without s Control Output unnecessarily consuming current. Bandwidth limitation I²C-bus adjustments can contribute to q Amplifier Standby and Blanking Control keeping the application EMI under control. q 3 DAC for control of DC Restore Amplifier or Brightness in DC-coupled system OSD (On-Screen Display) graphics are inserted by means of a Fast Blanking signal. Independent OSD contrast control facilitates adaptation to various OSD generators and provides system flexibility. The STV9212 is perfectly compatible with other ST components for CRT video boards, such as video amplifiers and OSD generators. October 2003 1/34

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