Part # MAX4889B-MAX4889C datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX4889B 9C DS

Part Details:

19-4148; Rev 1; 8/08 2.5/5.0Gbps PCIe Passive Switches MAX4889B/MAX4889C General Description Features The MAX4889B/MAX4889C high-speed passive switch- o Single +3.3V Power-Supply Voltage es route PCI Express® (PCIe) data between two possi-ble destinations in desktop or notebook PCs. The o Support PCIe Gen I, Gen II Data Rates MAX4889B/MAX4889C are quad double-pole/double- o Supports SAS I, SAS II, and SAS 6.0Gbps throw (4 x DPDT) switches ideal for switching four half (MAX4889C) lanes of PCIe data between two destinations. TheMAX4889B/MAX4889C feature a single digital control o Superior Return Loss input (SEL) to switch signal paths. Better than -14dB at 2.8GHz The MAX4889C is intended for use in systems (e.g., o Small 3.5mm x 9.0mm, 42-Pin TQFN Package SAS) where both the input and output are capacitively o Industry-Standard Pinouts coupled, and provides a 10µA (typ) source current anda 60k (typ) internal biasing resistor to GND at the_OUT_ terminals. The MAX4889B/MAX4889C are fully specified to oper-ate from a single +3.3V (typ) power supply. Bothdevices are available in an industry-standard 3.5mm x9.0mm, 42-pin TQFN package. These devices operateover the -40°C to +85°C extended temperature range. Applications Ordering Information Desktop PCs PART PIN-PACKAGE PKG CODE Notebook PCs MAX4889BETO+ 42 TQFN-EP* T423590M-1 Servers MAX4889CETO+ 42 TQFN-EP* T423590M-1 Video Graphics Cards--SLITM Note: All devices are specified over the -40°C to +85°C temperature (Scaled Link Interface) and CrossFireTM range.+Denotes a lead-free package.*EP = Exposed pad. PCI Express is a registered trademark of PCI-SIG Corp. SLI is a trademark of NVIDIA Corp. Typical Operating Circuit appears at end of data sheet. CrossFire is a trademark of ATI Technologies, Inc. Pin Configuration TOP VIEW GND AOUTA+ AOUTA- V CC GND BOUTA+ V CC BOUTA-

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