Part # Data Brief ST19SF08 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: CMOS MCU Based Safeguarded Smartcard With 8 KBytes EEPROM

Part Details:

ST19SF08 CMOS MCU Based Safeguarded SMARTCARD With 8 KBytes EEPROM DATA BRIEF PRODUCT FEATURES Figure 1. Delivery Form I ENHANCED 8 BIT CPU WITH EXTENDED ADDRESSING MODES 4 4 I 32 KBYTES OF USER ROM WITH PARTITIONING I SYSTEM ROM FOR LIBRARIESI 960 BYTES OF USER RAM WITH PARTITIONING I 8 KBYTES OF USER EEPROM WITH PARTITIONING 4 4 ­ Highly reliable CMOS EEPROM submicron technology Micromodule (D4) ­ 10 years data retention­ 100,000 Erase/Write cycles endurance­ Separate Write and Erase cycles for fast "1" programming ­ 1 to 64 bytes Erase or Program in 1 ms I SECURITY FIREWALLS FOR MEMORIESI VERY HIGH SECURITY FEATURES INCLUDING EEPROM FLASH PROGRAM AND CLOCK MANAGEMENT I 8 BIT TIMER WITH INTERRUPT CAPABILITYI 2 SERIAL ACCESS, ISO 7816-3 COMPATIBLEI 3V ± 10% or 5V ± 10% SUPPLY VOLTAGE Wafer I POWER SAVING STANDBY MODEI CONTACT ASSIGNMENT COMPATIBLE ISO 7816-2 I UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER ON EACH DIEI ESD PROTECTION GREATER THAN 5000V Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s) September 2001 1/3 This is Brief Data from STMicroelectronics. Details are subject to change without notice. For complete data, please contactyour nearest Sales Office or SmartCard Products Divison, Rousset, France. Fax: (+33) 4 42 68 87 29. ST19SF08 HARDWARE DESCRIPTIONThe ST19SF08, a member of the ST19 device Access rules are User defined and can be select- family, is a serial access microcontroller especially ed by mask options or during the life of the prod- designed for very large volume and cost competi- uct. tive secure portable objects. It is manufactured using the highly reliable ST The ST19SF08 is based on a STMicrolectronics 8- CMOS EEPROM submicron technology. bit CPU and includes on chip memories: User As with all the other ST19 family members, it is ful- ROM, User RAM and User EEPROM with state of ly compatible with the ISO 7816 standards for the art security features. Smartcard applications. ROM, RAM and EEPROM memories can be con- SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT

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