Part # AD7824 AD7828 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7824/28 LC2MOS High Speed 4- and 8-Channel 8-Bit ADCs Data Sheet (Rev. F)

Part Details:

a LC2MOS High Speed 4- and 8-Channel 8-Bit ADCs AD7824/AD7828 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 4 or 8 Analog Input ChannelsBuilt-In Track-and-Hold Function V 4-BIT DB7 REF (+) FLASH DB6 10 kHz Signal Handling on Each Channel VREF (­) ADC DB5 Fast Microprocessor Interface AIN1 (4MSB) DB4 Single 5 V Supply 4-BIT THREE- AIN4 MUX* Low Power: 50 mW DAC STATE DRIVERS Fast Conversion Rate: 2.5 s/Channel VREF (+) 4-BIT DB3 Tight Error Specification: 1/2 LSB 16 FLASH AIN8 DB2 ADC DB1 (4LSB) DB0 ADDRESS TIMING AND CONTROL LATCH INT CIRCUITRY DECODE RDY CS RD A0 A1 A2** *AD7824 ­ 4-CHANNEL MUX**AD7828 ­ 8-CHANNEL MUX A2 ­ AD7828 ONLY GENERAL DESCRIPTION

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AD7824 AD7828.pdf Datasheet