Part # NC7WBD3125 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: NC7WBD3125 2-Bit Low Power Bus Switch with Level Shifting

Part Details:

NC7 May 2000 Revised December 2005 WBD3 1 NC7WBD3125 25 2-B 2-Bit Low Power Bus Switch with Level Shifting it Low General Description Features Power Bu The NC7WBD3125 is a 2-bit ultra high-speed CMOS FET bus O Space saving US8 surface mount package switch with enhanced level shifting circuitry and with TTL-com- O MicroPak¥ Pb-Free leadless package patible active LOW control inputs. The low On Resistance of theswitch allows inputs to be connected to outputs with minimal O Typical 3: switch resistance at 5.0V VCC, VIN 0V propagation delay and without generating additional ground O Level shift facilitates 5V to 3.3V interfacing s Switc bounce noise. The device is organized as a 2-bit switch withindependent bus enable (OE) controls. When OE is LOW, the O Minimal propagation delay through the switch switch is ON and Port A is connected to Port B. When OE is O Power down high impedance input/output HIGH, the switch is OPEN and a high-impedance state existsbetween the two ports. Reduced voltage drive to the gate of the h O Zero bounce in flow through mode with FET switch permits nominal level shifting of 5V to 3V through O TTL compatible active LOW control inputs the switch. Control inputs tolerate voltages up to 5.5V indepen-dent of VCC. O Control inputs are overvoltage tolerant Lev O Bus switch replacement for x125 logic part e l Shif Ordering Code: tin Package g Order Package Code Package Description Supplied As Number Number Top Mark NC7WBD3125K8X MAB08A WB5D 8-Lead US8, JEDEC MO-187, Variation CA 3.1mm Wide 3k Units on Tape and Reel NC7WBD3125L8X MAC08A

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NC7WBD3125.pdf Datasheet