Part # MAX5950 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX5950 DS

Part Details:

19-0545; Rev 0; 6/06 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE 12V PWM Controller with Hot-Swap MAX5950 General Description Features The MAX5950 is a 12V pulse-width modulated (PWM), 8V to 16V or 5V ±10% Input-Voltage Range step-down, DC-DC controller with integrated hot-swap Integrated Hot-Swap Controller controller. The device operates over the 8V to 16V input- Lossless Valley-Mode Current Sensing voltage range or 5V ±10% and provides an adjustableoutput from 0.8V to 5.5V. The device delivers up to 10A Output Voltage Adjustable from 0.8V to 5.5V of load current with excellent load-and-line regulation. Voltage-Mode Control The MAX5950 is optimized for PCIe® ExpressModuleTM External Compensation for Maximum Flexibility power-management application. Digital Soft-Start The MAX5950 features a hot-swap controller that pro- Sequencing or Ratiometric Tracking vides inrush current control during module insertionand removal, as well as short-circuit protection during Startup Synchronization normal operation. The MAX5950 features an internal Programmable PGOOD Output charge pump that provides the gate drive for an exter- Programmable Switching Frequency from 100kHz nal n-channel MOSFET. A DCENO logic output indi- to 1MHz cates the completion of the inrush cycle. External Frequency Synchronization The MAX5950 PWM section utilizes a voltage-mode con- SYNCIN and SYNCOUT Enable 180° Out-of-Phase trol scheme for good noise immunity and offers external Operation compensation, allowing for maximum flexibility with awide selection of inductor values and capacitor types. Thermal Shutdown and Short-Circuit Protection The device operates at a fixed switching frequency that Space-Saving 5mm x 5mm, 32-Pin TQFN Package is programmable from 100kHz to 1MHz and can be syn-chronized to an external clock signal through theSYNCIN input. The device includes undervoltage lockout Ordering Information (UVLO) and digital soft-start. Protection features include PIN- PKG lossless valley-mode current limit, hiccup-mode output PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE CODE short-circuit protection, and thermal shutdown. MAX5950ETJ+ -40°C to +85°C 32 TQFN-EP*

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