Part # 74LCX540 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: 74LCX540 Low Voltage Octal Buffer Line Driver with 5V Tolerant Inputs and Outputs

Part Details:

74LCX540 -- Lo February 2008 74LCX540 w V Low Voltage Octal Buffer/Line Driver olta with 5V Tolerant Inputs and Outputs ge Octal Buff Features General Description 5V tolerant input and outputs The LCX540 is an octal buffer/line driver designed to be 2.3V­3.6V V employed as a memory and address driver, clock driver CC specifications provided 6.5ns t = and bus oriented transmitter/receiver. PD max. (VCC 3.3V), 10µA ICC max. er/Line Driver with 5V Power down high impedance inputs and outputs This device is similar in function to the LCX240 while Supports live insertion/withdrawal(1) providing flow-through architecture (inputs on oppositeside from outputs). This pinout arrangement makes this Implements patented noise/ EMI reduction circuitry device especially useful as an output port for micropro- Latch-up performance exceeds JEDEC 78 conditions cessors, allowing ease of layout and greater PC board ESD performance density. ­ Human body model > 2000V The LCX540 is designed for low voltage (2.5V or 3.3V) ­ Machine model > 200V VCC applications with capability of interfacing to a 5V Leadless DQFN package signal environment. The LCX540 is fabricated with anadvanced CMOS technology to achieve high speed Note: operation while maintaining CMOS low power dissipa- T 1. To ensure the high impedance state during power up tion. olerant Inputs and Outputs or down, OE should be tied to VCC through a pull-up resistor: the minimum value of the resistor is determined by the current-sourcing capability of the driver. Ordering Information Package Order Number Number Package Description 74LCX540WM M20B 20-Lead Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC), JEDEC MS-013, 0.300" Wide 74LCX540SJ M20D 20-Lead Small Outline Package (SOP), EIAJ TYPE II, 5.3mm Wide

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