Part # ADM690A AD692A AD802LM AD805LM datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADM690A/ADM692A/ADM802/ADM805 Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit Data Sheet (Rev. 0)

Part Details:

Microprocessor a Supervisory Circuits ADM690A/ADM692A/ADM802L/M/ADM805L/M FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Precision Supply Voltage Monitor4.65 V ADM690A/ADM802L/ADM805L VBATT 4.40 V ADM692A/ADM802M/ADM805M BATTERY V Reset Assertion Down to 1 V VCC SWITCHOVER OUT Reset Timeout--200 ms VCC Watchdog Timer--1.6 s100 A Quiescent Supply Current RESET 4.65V* GENERATOR RESET Automatic Battery Backup Power Switching (RESET) Voltage Monitor for Power Fail 2% Power Fail Accuracy on ADM802L/M ADM690A WATCHDOG WATCHDOG TRANSITION DETECTOR ADM692A Space-Saving MicroSOIC Package (ADM690A) INPUT (WDI) (1.6s) ADM802L APPLICATIONS ADM802MADM805L Microprocessor Systems POWER FAIL ADM805M Computers INPUT (PFI) POWER FAILOUTPUT (PFO) Controllers 1.25V Intelligent Instruments *4.4V FOR ADM692A/ADM802M/ADM805M ( ) = ADM805L/M ONLY GENERAL DESCRIPTIONThe ADM690A/ADM692A/ADM802L/M/ADM805L/M The ADM805L/M provides an active high reset output, RESET family of supervisory circuits offers complete single chip instead of RESET. solutions for power supply monitoring and battery control The family of products is fabricated using an advanced epitaxial functions in microprocessor systems. These functions include µ

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