Part # MAX5066 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX5066 DS

Part Details:

19-3661; Rev 1; 8/05 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Configurable, Single-/Dual-Output, Synchronous Buck Controller for High-Current Applications MAX5066 General Description Features The MAX5066 is a two-phase, configurable single- or 4.75V to 5.5V or 5V to 28V Input dual-output buck controller with an input voltage range of Dual-Output Synchronous Buck Controller 4.75V to 5.5V or from 5V to 28V. Each phase of theMAX5066 is designed for 180° operation. A mode pin Configurable for Two Separate Outputs or One allows for a dual-output supply or connecting two phases Single Output together for a single-output, high-current supply. Each Each Output is Capable of Up to 25A Output output channel of the MAX5066 drives n-channel Current MOSFETs and is capable of providing more than 25A ofload current. The MAX5066 uses average current-mode Average Current-Mode Control Provides Accurate control with a switching frequency up to 1MHz per phase Current Limit where each phase is 180° out of phase with respect to 180° Interleaved Operation Reduces Size of Input the other. Out-of-phase operation results in significantly Filter Capacitors reduced input capacitor ripple current and output volt-age ripple in dual-phase, single-output voltage applica- Limits Reverse Current Sinking When Operated in tions. Each buck regulator output has its own high- Parallel Mode performance current and voltage-error amplifier that can Each Output is Adjustable from 0.61V to 5.5V be compensated for optimum output filter L-C values andtransient response. Independently Programmable Adaptive Voltage Positioning The MAX5066 offers two enable inputs with accurate turn-on thresholds to allow for output voltage sequencing Independent Shutdown for Each Output of the two outputs. The device s switching frequency can 100kHz to 1MHz per Phase Programmable be programmed from 100kHz to 1MHz with an external Switching Frequency resistor. The MAX5066 can be synchronized to an exter-nal clock. Each output voltage is adjustable from 0.61V to Oscillator Frequency Synchronization from 5.5V. Additional features include thermal shutdown, "hic- 200kHz to 2MHz cup mode" short-circuit protection. Use the MAX5066 Hiccup Mode Overcurrent Protection with adaptive voltage positioning for applications thatrequire a fast transient response, or accurate output volt- Overtemperature Shutdown age regulation. Thermally Enhanced 28-Pin TSSOP Package The MAX5066 is available in a thermally enhanced 28-pin Capable of Dissipating 1.9W

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