Part # MAX5873 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX5873 DS

Part Details:

19-3446; Rev 3; 1/07 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE 12-Bit, 200Msps, High-Dynamic-Performance, Dual DAC with CMOS Inputs MAX5873 General Description Features The MAX5873 is an advanced 12-bit, 200Msps, dual 200Msps Output Update Rate digital-to-analog converter (DAC). This DAC meets the Noise Spectral Density = -152dBFS/Hz demanding performance requirements of signal synthesis at fOUT = 16MHz applications found in wireless base stations and other Excellent SFDR and IMD Performance communications applications. Operating from 3.3V and SFDR = 78dBc at f 1.8V supplies, this dual DAC offers exceptional dynamic OUT = 16MHz (to Nyquist) SFDR = 73dBc at f performance such as 78dBc spurious-free dynamic range OUT = 80MHz (to Nyquist) IMD = -85dBc at f (SFDR) at f OUT = 10MHz OUT = 16MHz and supports update rates of 200Msps, with a power dissipation of only 255mW. IMD = -74dBc at fOUT = 80MHz ACLR = 74dB at f The MAX5873 utilizes a current-steering architecture OUT = 61MHz that supports a 2mA to 20mA full-scale output current 2mA to 20mA Full-Scale Output Current range, and allows a 0.1VP-P to 1VP-P differential output CMOS-Compatible Digital and Clock Inputs voltage swing. The MAX5873 features an integrated On-Chip 1.2V Bandgap Reference 1.2V bandgap reference and control amplifier to ensure Low 255mW Power Dissipation high-accuracy and low-noise performance. A separate 68-Lead QFN-EP Package reference input (REFIO) allows for the use of an exter-nal reference source for optimum flexibility and Evaluation Kit Available (MAX5873EVKIT) improved gain accuracy. Ordering Information The digital and clock inputs of the MAX5873 accept3.3V CMOS voltage levels. The MAX5873 features a PIN- PKG PART TEMP RANGE flexible input data bus that allows for dual-port input or PACKAGE CODE a single-interleaved data port. The MAX5873 is avail-

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