Part # MAX8677C datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX8677C DS

Part Details:

19-0781; Rev 0; 4/07 1.5A Dual-Input USB/AC Adapter Charger and Smart Power Selector MAX8677C General Description Features The MAX8677C is an integrated 1-cell Li+ charger and Complete Charger and Smart Power Selector Smart Power SelectorTM with dual (DC and USB) powerinputs. It can operate with either separate inputs for No External MOSFETs Required USB and AC adapter power*, or from a single input that Common or Separate USB and Adapter Inputs accepts both. All power switches for charging andswitching the load between battery and external power System Operates with Discharged or No Battery are included on-chip. No external MOSFETs are Automatic Adapter/USB/Battery Switchover required. Load Peaks Over Adapter Rating Are Supported The MAX8677C features a Smart Power Selector tomake the best use of limited USB or adapter power. by Battery The battery charge current and input current limit are Input Overvoltage Protection to 16V independently set up to 1.5A and 2A, respectively. Input power not used by the system charges the bat- 40m System-to-Battery Switch tery. USB input current can be set to 100mA or 500mA. Thermal Regulation Prevents Overheating Automatic input selection switches the system loadfrom battery to external power. PREQ, CHG, DOK, UOK, and FLT Indicators Other features include overvoltage protection (OVP), 4.35V (typ) SYS Regulation Voltage charge status and fault outputs, power-OK monitors,charge timer, and battery thermistor monitor. Ordering Information Additionally, on-chip thermal limiting reduces the batterycharge rate to prevent overheating. The MAX8677C is PIN- PKG PART TEMP RANGE available in a 4mm x 4mm, 24-pin TQFN-EP package. PACKAGE CODE 24 TQFN-EP** MAX8677CETG+ -40°C to +85°C T2444-4 Applications (4mm x 4mm) PDAs, Palmtops, and Wireless Handhelds +Denotes a lead-free package.**EP = Exposed paddle. Smart Cell Phones Portable Media/MP3 Players Pin Configuration GPS Navigation Digital Cameras

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