Part # LMX2352 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMX2350 LMX2352 PLLatinum Fractional N RF Integer N IF Dual Low Power Frequency Synthesizer

Part Details:

Synthesizer LMX2350/LMX2352 March 2001 LMX2350/LMX2352PLLatinum Fractional N RF / Integer N IFDual Low Power Frequency SynthesizerLMX2350 2.5 GHz/550 MHz LMX2352 family features very low current consumption; typi- PLLatinum LMX2352 1.2 GHz/550 MHz cally LMX2350 (2.5 GHz) 6.5 mA, LMX2352 (1.2 GHz) 4.75mA at 3.0V. The LMX2350/2352 are available in a 24-pin General Description TSSOP and 24-pin CSP surface mount plastic package. The LMX2350/2352 is part of a family of monolithic inte- Features grated fractional N/ Integer N frequency synthesizers de-signed to be used in a local oscillator subsystem for a radio n 2.7 V to 5.5 V operation transceiver. It is fabricated using National s 0.5µ ABiC V n Low current consumption silicon BiCMOS process. The LMX2350/2352 contains dual LMX2350: Icc = 6.75mA typ at 3v Fractional modulus prescalers along with modulo 15 or 16 fractional LMX2352: Icc = 5.00mA typ at 3v compensation circuitry in the RF divider. A 16/17 or 32/33 n Programmable or logical power down mode prescale ratio can be selected for the LMX2350, and the Icc = 5 µA typ at 3v LMX2352 provides 8/9 or 16/17 prescale ratios. The IF n Modulo 15 or 16 fractional RF N divider supports ratios circuitry for both the LMX2350 and LMX2352 contains an 8/9 of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 15, or 16 prescaler, and is fully programmable. Using a fractional N n Programmable charge pump current levels phase locked loop technique, the LMX2350 /52 can gener- RF 100µA to 1.6mA in 100µA steps N ate very stable low noise control signals for UHF and VHF IF 100µA or 800 µA voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs). R n Digital filtered lock detect For the RF PLL, a highly flexible 16 level programmable F Applications charge pump supplies output current magnitudes from / n Portable wireless communications (PCS/PCN, cordless) 100µA to 1.6mA. Two uncommitted CMOS outputs can be Integer used to provide external control signals, or configured to n Dual mode cellular telephone systems FastLockTM mode. Serial data is transferred into the n Zero blind slot TDMA systems LMX2350/2352 via a three wire interface (Data, LE, Clock). n Spread spectrum communication systems (CDMA) Supply voltage can range from 2.7 V to 5.5 V. The LMX2350/ n Cable TV Tuners (CATV)

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