Part # MAX9655-MAX9656 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9655 DS

Part Details:

19-4238; Rev 0; 8/08 Low-Power Video Switches for Dual SCART Connectors MAX9655/MAX9656 General Description Features The MAX9655/MAX9656 dual SCART switches route Dual SCART Support for Video Signals video signals between a set-top box decoder chip andtwo external SCART connectors. Under the control of the Supports CVBS Input from TV SCART (MAX9656) TV_SEL logic input, the MAX9655 selects whether the Reconstruction Filters with 9.5MHz Passband and CVBS and RGB signals from the encoder or the VCR 47dB Attenuation at 27MHz SCART are routed to the TV SCART. The CVBS signalfrom the encoder is always routed to the VCR SCART. Fixed Gain of 2V/V The MAX9656 is similar to the MAX9655 except that Input Sync-Tip Clamps under the control of the VCR_SEL logic input, theMAX9656 selects whether the CVBS signal from the 2.7V to 3.6V Single-Supply Operation encoder or the TV SCART is routed to the VCR SCART.The MAX9656 also features a low-power shutdownmode, in which quiescent current falls to 35µA. Ordering Information The incoming video signals must be AC-coupled to theinputs, which have sync-tip clamps to set the internal TV SCART CVBS DC level. After the input stages, multiplexers select PART PIN-PACKAGE RETURN SUPPORT which video signals are routed to the reconstruction fil-ters and output amplifiers. The reconstruction filters are MAX9655AEE+ 16 QSOP No optimized for standard-definition signals and typically MAX9656AEP+* 20 QSOP Yes have ±1dB passband flatness out to 9.5MHz and 47dB Note: All devices are specified over the -40°C to +125°C oper- attenuation at 27MHz. ating temperature range. The amplifiers have 2V/V gain, and the outputs can be +Denotes a lead-free/RoHS-compliant package. DC-coupled to a 75 load, which is the equivalent of *Future product--contact factory for availability. two video loads, or AC-coupled to a 150 load. Applications Pin Configurations and Typical Application Circuits appearat end of data sheet. SCART Set-Top Boxes Functional Diagram VDD TV_SEL MAX9655 0 BUFFER ENC_B_IN

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