Part # AD677 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD677 16-Bit 100 kSPS Sampling ADC

Part Details:

a 16-Bit 100 kSPS Sampling ADC AD677 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM AutocalibratingOn-Chip Sample-Hold Function A CHIP V 10 Serial Output IN 16-BIT COMP AGND SENSE 9 DAC 16 Bits No Missing Codes INPUT V 11 BUFFERS R E F 1 LSB INL CAL AGND 8 DAC ­99 dB THD LOGIC TIMING 92 dB S/(N+D) LEVEL TRANSLATORS 1 MHz Full Power Bandwidth 15 BUSY 14 SCLK 16 SAR CAL MICROCODED 3 SDATA CLK CONTROLLER 2 ALU SAMPLE RAM 1 D CHIP AD677 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS The AD677 is a multipurpose 16-bit serial output analog-to- 1. Autocalibration provides excellent dc performance while digital converter which utilizes a switched-capacitor/charge eliminating the need for user adjustments or additional exter- redistribution architecture to achieve a 100 kSPS conversion

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AD677.pdf Datasheet