Part # ADISUSBZ datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADISUSB iSensor PC-USB Evaluation System Preliminary Data Sheet (Rev. PrA)

Part Details:

iSensor® PC-USB Evaluation System Preliminary Technical Data ADISUSBZ GENERAL DESCRIPTION Step #4 - Install USB driver The ADISUSB is a PC-USB evaluation system that enables basic demonstration of many SPI-output iSensor® products (sold Connect the A-to-B USB cable to the PC, and then to the separately). It provides 2mm screw holes for simple attachment ADISUSBZ PCB. The USB driver installation screen will of all iSensor® products listed in Table 2, along with all automatically appear on the screen in a few seconds. Follow the necessary cabling for connecting these devices to the USB port. prompts to install this driver. On some machines, the driver This system provides sensor data on-demand, through the USB, installation screen will appear again, after clicking on "Finish." at read rates up to 900SPS. Since the USB ports are serviced by In this case, follow the prompts and complete the process. Refer their PC s interrupt structure, sampling in this system in not to Figure 7 and Figure 8 for the windows that will appear during perfectly coherent. However, in most PCs, the sample this step. Once complete, disconnect the cable from the coherence is sufficient for most datasheet parametric ADISUSBZ. verification, including in-run bias stability. This system will Step #5 - Connect ADIS16xxx/PCB to USB Interface PCB run on MS Windows® XP, NT, and 2000. Use the provided 2mm machine screws to secure the product Table 1. Kit Contents under test. Refer to Figure 9 through Figure 12 for alignment assistance. The ADIS16xxx/PVBZ parts also require the 12-pin 1 ADISUSBZ PCB ribbon cable installation displayed in these figures. 1 A-to-B USB Cable, 6 feet 2 2mm stainless steel screws Table 2. JP1 Power Supply Settings 1 12-pin, 2mm ribbon cable (ADIS16xxx/PCBZ) +3.3V +5V 1 iSensor® Documentation CD ADIS16003/PCBZ ADIS16003/PCBZ ADIS16255/PCBZ GETTING STARTED QUICKLY ADIS16006/PCBZ ADIS16006/PCBZ ADIS16300AMLZ Step #1 - Download software to PC ADIS16201/PCBZ ADIS16080/PCBZ ADIS16350AMLZ

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