Part # Application Note Power Supply And Power Management L6561 AN1060 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Flyback converters with the L6561 PFC controller

Part Details:

AN1060 ® APPLICATION NOTE FLYBACK CONVERTERS WITH THE L6561 PFC CONTROLLER by C. Adragna & G. Gattavari The L6561, controller specifically designed for Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuits, may be suc-cessfully used in flyback converters as well.The excellent performance of the device, along with its characteristics in terms of low current con-sumption, makes L6561-based flyback converters really attractive in medium-low power applications.There are basically three different configurations that an L6561-based flyback converter can assume,each of them with its own characteristics, benefits and peculiarities. This paper describes these con-figurations and highlights advantages/drawbacks with the aim of identifying the most suitable appli-cations they can fit. INTRODUCTION Common practice bounds their use in conventional boost PFC stages, yet Transition Mode (TM) PowerFactor Corrector IC s can be used in applications different from those they are primarily intended for. This is particularly true for the L6561, PFC controller for medium-low power applications, because of itspeculiar characteristics.Reference [2] presents a special example showing how to extend the use of this device to Mag Amp ap-plications. Figure 1 - L6561 Internal Block Diagram COMP MULT CS 2 3 4 1 INV - 40K 2.5V MULTIPLIER + VOLTAGE OVER-VOLTAGE 5pF + - REGULATOR DETECTION VCC 8 V INTERNAL CC SUPPLY 7V R Q 20V R1 S 7 + GD UVLO DRIVER - R2 VREF2 ZERO CURRENT DETECTOR 2.1V + STARTER 1.6V -

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