Part # LMX5001 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMX5001 Dedicated Bluetooth Link Controller

Part Details:

LMX5001 PRELIMINARY April 2000 LMX5001 Dedicated Dedicated Bluetooth Link Controller General Description n Piconet and Scatternet communication capable n Good Bluetooth radio range coverage (when coupled The LMX5001 Dedicated BluetoothTM Link Controller has with the LMX3162) been designed to interface with the LMX3162, Single Chip Bluetooth Radio Transceiver to provide a rapid design path to a com- n Support for RSSI channel quality monitoring plete Bluetooth physical layer. n Bluetooth Encryption Engine The LMX5001 also offers a low power and cost competitive Applications solution to the Bluetooth Link Controller function. The LMX5001 can be attached to a Link Management Con- n PCMCIA Cards troller, or Host processor performing the Link Management n Mobile Phones function to implement a complete Bluetooth interface. n Laptop PCs Link Bluetooth is a world-wide recognized wireless communica- n Palmtop PCs tion standard, which operates in the ISM band (2.4 GHz), of- n Desktop PCs fering a low cost and convenient wireless replacement for n Computer Peripherals Controller data/voice cable links between fixed and mobile electronic n Wireless Modems devices. n PDAs Utilizing a GFSK modulation scheme, with frequency hop- n Palmtops ping, Bluetooth is able to offer a low power, low cost, robust n P.O.T.S and spectrally efficient spread spectrum packet data system. n Digital Cameras Features n Fax n Printers n Bluetooth Specification 1.0B compliant n Bar-code Readers n Bluetooth physical layer, available today n Notepads n Supports Class 1, 2 and 3 Bluetooth (20 dBm, 4 dBm n Cordless Headsets and 0 dBm links) n In-vehicle Communications

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