Part # ST7LCRDIE6 ST7LCRE4U1 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Full-speed USB MCU with smartcard interface

Part Details:

ST7LCRE4U1 ST7LCRDIE6 Full-speed USB MCU with smartcard interface Features Clock, reset and supply management ­ Low voltage reset ­ Halt power saving mode ­ PLL for generating 48 MHz USB clock using a 4 MHz crystal USB (Universal Serial Bus) host interface DIE VFQFPN24(Y1) ­ USB 2.0 compliant ­ CCID v1.0 ­ Full speed, hubless Development tools ­ Bus-powered, low consumption ­ Full hardware/software development package. ISO7816-3 UART Interface ­ Fully compatible with Flash ST7FSCR ­ 4 MHz clock generation family for development purposes ­ Synchronous/asynchronous protocols ECOPACK® package (T=0, T=1) ­ Automatic retry on parity error Description ­ Programmable baud rate from 372 to 11.625 clock pulses (D=32/F=372) ST7LCRE4U1 and ST7LCRDIE6 are 8-bit ­ Card insertion/removal detection microcontrollers dedicated to smartcard reading Smartcard power supply applications. They have been developed to be the core of smartcard readers communicating ­ Fixed card VCC: 1.8 V, and 3 V through USB link. Optimized for mass-market ­ Programmable smartcard internal voltage applications, it offers a single integrated circuit regulator (1.8 to 3.0V) with current overload solution with very few external components. protection and 4 kV ESD protection (human body model) for all smartcard Interface I/Os Table 1. Device summary Part numbers Features ST7LCRE4U1 ST7LCRDIE6 Program memory 16 Kbyte of ROM User RAM + USB data buffer 512 + 256 bytes Peripherals USB full-speed (7 Ep), TBU, watchdog timer, ISO7816-3 interface Operating Supply

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ST7LCRDIE6 ST7LCRE4U1.pdf Datasheet