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July 27, 2010

1N4148 Small Signal Diode

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An extremely useful diode is the 1N4148. It can be used for many fast switching and protection applications. Some of it’s specifications:

Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage: 100V
Average Rectified Forward Current: 200 mA
DC Forward Current: 300mA
Recurrent Peak Forward Current:400 mA
Non-repetitive Peak Forward Surge Current
Pulse Width = 1.0 second
Pulse Width = 1.0 microsecond
Storage Temperature Range: -65 to + 175
Operating Junction Temperature -65 to + 175 °C
Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage: 100V
Average Rectified Forward Current: 200mA
Forward Current: 300mA
Recurrent Peak Forward Current: 400mA

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